Pig heads, feet and other parts at a boqueria in Barcelona.

Pig heads, feet and other parts at a boqueria in Barcelona.

Disgust is an emotion that warns humans of everything from poison to parasites. But when it comes to food, humans resist many things that aren’t actually life-threatening -especially food with animal origins like liver and hearts. At the other end of this spectrum are a growing number of foodies who relish offal as well as pork belly and bone marrow. For Food Wednesday, we dive into the polarizing world of “disgusting” animal food and examine why people are moved by different tastes.


  • Pam "The Butcher" Ginsberg Butcher, Wagshal's Market (D.C.)
  • Michael Friedman Chef and owner of The Red Hen
  • Daniel Kelly Philosophy professor at Purdue University and author of "Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust."

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