The colors are the same, but next time you use Google, you’ll see a new look to the lettering in the iconic logo. No more last-century frills. Just a crisp, clean typeface that signifies. . . what? Meanwhile, in the Apple universe, devotees are trying to divine what the company will unveil at its Sept. 9 press conference. Most likely: an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, updated — and maybe larger — iPads and new features for Apple TV. The Computer Guys and Gal ruminate on this and more, including their favorite back-to-school apps.


  • Allison Druin WAMU Computer Gal; Professor at the iSchool at the University of Maryland and Special Advisor for National Digital Strategy for the National Park Service (Please note: The views Dr. Druin expresses on The Kojo Nnamdi Show are hers and do not necessarily represent those of the National Park Service or the United States.)
  • John Gilroy WAMU Computer Guy; Director for Business Development for BLT Global Ventures
  • Bill Harlow WAMU Computer Guy; and Hardware & Software Technician for MACs & PCs at Mid-Atlantic Consulting, Inc.

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