Maryland’s political attention may be focused on it’s top-of-the-ballot races, especially after a prominent Democrat endorsed a Republican for U.S. Senate. But voters will also choose their leaders in host of other offices, from Lieutenant Governor to County Executive. We explore the other races to watch on the Maryland Politics Hour.


  • Bruce DePuyt Host of "NewsTalk," News Channel 8
  • Wayne Curry Former Prince George's County Executive
  • Anthony G. Brown Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Member, Maryland House of Delegates (Dist. 25, Prince George's County)
  • Kristen Cox Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Maryland State Disabilities Secretary
  • Isiah Leggett Democratic Candidate for Montgomery County Executive; former Councilman, Montgomery County Council; former Chairman, state Democratic Party, Professor, Howard University Law School
  • Chuck Floyd Republican Candidate for Montgomery County Executive
  • Robin Ficker Independent Candidate for Montgomery County Executive

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