October 3, 2018

Join Us at a Kojo 20 Event!

By The Kojo Nnamdi Show Staff


Kojo’s community events have been a hallmark of The Kojo Nnamdi show since its inception. As we mark Kojo’s 20th anniversary on air, we’re taking the show out into the neighborhoods and streets of the region to hear directly from you.  Here’s what we’re planning:


Kojo Roadshow

This series of townhall-style gatherings will explore how issues around the region are being felt, whether it’s the suburban opioid crisis, the explosion of new development, or the role of arts and culture around the region. Join us and participate in a live discussion hosted by Kojo Nnamdi and facilitated by local community members.


If you’re interested in attending the next Kojo Roadshow, stay informed by checking back for announcements and updates on what’s coming up.


Kojo Pop-Ups

Kojo shows up in some surprising places. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be at the Metro, at your neighborhood barbershop, or in your next rideshare. Really! Follow @kojoshow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where Kojo will pop up next.