March 6, 2017

Look Out! Here’s A Crowd-Sourced Map Of The Region’s Dangerous Intersections

By Avery Kleinman

What’s the most dangerous intersection in your neighborhood?

In our ongoing coverage of our region’s transportation and infrastructure, we asked listeners to add their neighborhood’s dangerous intersections to a map of D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

  • Orange pins mark listeners’ submissions.
  • Blue pins mark high crash spots identified in 2016 by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).
  • The purple pin marks the site of a fatal 2016 crash in Bethesda. The incident drew attention to a decade-long neighborhood battle to install a traffic light at that intersection.

Click on the pins to read listener comments and city data on each site.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show is exploring how and why states in our region keep accident data secret—and how that one Bethesda community encountered the lack of transparency in their efforts to get a neighborhood traffic light installed.

Tune in Tuesday, March 7, from 12-1 p.m. EST for more on the lack of transparency surrounding our region’s dangerous intersections.


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