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View of the top of the RFK Stadium and DC Armory from the U.S. Capitol dome.

View of the top of the RFK Stadium and DC Armory from the U.S. Capitol dome.

When D.C. United moves on from RFK Stadium before the end of the decade, the soccer team will leave a 190-acre site that the city is itching to repurpose. Where parking lots are now, the city’s sports authority has sketched plans for three athletic fields, a food market and a huge indoor sports complex replete with batting cages, go-carts and more. The land will also include a memorial to former Senator and U.S. Attorney General Robert Francis Kennedy, for whon the stadium was originally named. The plans, which provide attractive amenities, are exciting for some. But the half-million-dollar price tag and the existing transportation options raise questions for others, particularly those who live nearby. We explore the costs and benefits of developing near RFK.


  • Jonathan O'Connell Reporter, The Washington Post
  • Denise Rucker Krepp Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 6B10, Washington, D.C., @kdrkrepp

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