Hashtag Diplomacy

Hashtag Diplomacy

From Michelle Obama's "BringBackOurGirls" tweet to the Islamic State's gory and militant tweets, we explore how social media are changing international communications.

From Michelle Obama's "BringBackOurGirls" tweet to the Islamic State's Instagram pictures of grisly executions, social media have become a popular tool in international relations. But their effectiveness is still in question, given that the sensational often gets more attention than the official. Tech Tuesday explores how governments are grappling with the challenge of influencing world opinion via social media.


Philip J. "P.J." Crowley

Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs; Fellow, Institute of Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, The George Washington University

Kori Schake

Research Fellow, Hoover Institution; She worked in the Pentagon, White House and State Department on national security

William Youmans

Professor of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University

Hamdullah Mohib

Director of social media for the campaign of Afghanistan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani

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