Douglas Rushkoff On "Generation Like" And "Present Shock"

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Jen Golbeck
Douglas Rushkoff On "Generation Like" And "Present Shock"

Tech Tuesday explores how our devices are running our lives, turning teens on social media into an army of advertisers and trapping us all in the present moment.

Corporate America benefits from an army of advertisers who work for free, such as teens on social media who click "Like" or Tweet about products to impress friends or win prizes. And smart phones have created an army of adults who work non-stop -- in thrall to always-on devices. Tech Tuesday explores whether we use digital technology to promote the needs of the marketplace rather than the needs of people.


Douglas Rushkoff

Producer, Writer and Correspondent for FRONTLINE documentary "Generation Like" and author of "Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now" (Current, 2013)

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