Deep Learning: Teaching Computers To Think Like People

Deep Learning: Teaching Computers To Think Like People

The pioneer of "deep learning" explains how computers can learn to think by mimicking the brain's system of neural networks, and how Google and others are using that ability.

It's the holy grail of computing: teaching computers to think the way humans do. The pioneer of "deep learning" says the key is to mimic the brain's system of neural networks. Now Geoffrey Hinton is taking his work inside Google to help improve Android's voice search and work on advancing language interpretation so computers can begin to interpret our musings and ramblings online. Tech Tuesday explores how computers learn and where the next breakthroughs will be.


Philip Resnik

Professor, Department of Linguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland; Founder, React Labs

Geoffrey Hinton

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto; Distinguished Researcher at Google

Richard Socher

Stanford University PhD student in computer science; developer of the Neural Analysis of Sentiment algorithm

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