The Science and Psychology of Personal Fitness

Guest Host:

Christina Bellantoni
The Science and Psychology of Personal Fitness

Research shows that fitness must be more than an annual resolution soon forgotten. We explore the hot fitness trends in the region and examine what types of exercise work best.

'Tis the season to make resolutions to get in shape, but our resolve often fades as the holidays pass. Research on the science and psychology of exercise can help us pick a workout that shows results and keeps us moving. We explore the fitness trends sweeping the region -- from The Bar Method to CrossFit -- and learn why strength training may trump a trot on the treadmill to keep us in shape.


Todd Miller

Professor of Exercise Science at George Washington University and Director of the Weight Management and Human Performance Laboratory at the university’s Ashburn campus

Vicky Hallett

Fitness Columnist for The Washington Post and Editor of the Health and Fitness section of the Express

Kate Arnold

Owner, The Bar Method DC and The Bar Method Bethesda

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