Are Teenagers Trendsetters In Tech?

Are Teenagers Trendsetters In Tech?

We discuss whether teenagers' digital behavior can be seen as a barometer for "the next big thing" in tech.

Want to know what technologies will be hot in 2014? Perhaps you should ask a teenager. Silicon Valley tech giants have been making billion-dollar bids for tech products that are wildly popular among teenagers, such as the photo-sharing app Snapchat. Investors are also starting to pay close attention to how tech products engage a younger demographic. We discuss what draws teenagers to new technologies and whether their digital behavior can be used as a barometer for "the next big thing."


Amanda Lenhart

Senior Research Specialist, Pew Internet and American Life Project

Jessica Vitak

assistant professor, iSchool, University of Maryland

Parmy Olson

journalist, Forbes; author, "We Are Anonymous: Inside The Hacker World of LulzSec"

Josh Miller

co-founder, Branch; co-founder, Potluck.

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