Electronic And Biometric ID

Electronic And Biometric ID

The new immigration reform bill raises questions about personal identification. Tech Tuesday looks at how other countries are using smart chips and fingerprint scans for ID and how they might work here.

In India, a massive new biometric identification program links information from an individual's irises and fingerpints to a unique ID number. Other countries use ID cards with smart chips to authenticate identities. Here in the United States, immigration reform is raising questions about what a new U.S. identification system might look like. Tech Tuesday samples electronic and biometric ID from around the world and explores what could work here.


Alan Gelb

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Neville Pattinson

Vice President for Government Affairs, Gemalto, Inc.

Anil Jain

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University

Chris Calabrese

Legislative Counsel for Privacy Issues, ACLU

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