Kenya's Elections

Kenya's Elections

Kenyans went to the polls yesterday in a tense presidential election that could erupt in violence.

Kenyans went to the polls in droves yesterday to cast ballots in the first presidential election since 2007, when widespread accusations of vote-rigging sparked violent protests. The current front-runner, Uhuru Kenyatta, was charged by the International Criminal Court with crimes against humanity as a result. With 19 reported killed on election day, the country is bracing for the possibility of more violence, as well as "consequences" threatened by the U.S. and other allies if Kenyatta wins.


Ken Okoth

Founder, Children of Kibera Foundation (CoKF); Parliamentary candidate, Kibera, Kenya

Mark Bellamy

Warburg professor in international relations, Simmons University; former U.S. ambassador to Kenya

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