Combatting Childhood Obesity

Combatting Childhood Obesity

Obese and overweight kids are more likely to have health, emotional and behavioral problems. But because of our cultural sensitivities and the emotions caught up in the issue, helping a child lose weight can be an overwhelming challenge.

The World Health Organization describes childhood obesity as “one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century.” Overweight kids are more likely to struggle with health, emotional and behavioral problems. But many potential solutions--from dieting and counseling to medical interventions--raise difficult cultural and emotional taboos for parents and health professionals. We examine the challenge of combating childhood obesity.


David Kessler, MD

former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration; author, "Your Food is Fooling You: How Your Brain is Hijacked by Sugar, Fat, and Salt"; pediatrician

Eleanor Mackey

child psychologist, Children's National Medical Center

Dara-Lynn Weiss

author, "The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet"

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