Unrest In Mali

Unrest In Mali

Mali, a west African nation the size of Texas, was held up by many as a pillar of democracy in the region until a military coup last spring. We explore the continuing changes in the country and their international implications.

The future of Mali, a country that has long enjoyed a reputation as a pillar of democracy in west Africa, is now in flux. Splintering factions of radical Islamists are causing chaos in the northern regions of the country, and its leadership is in disarray. We explore why the unrest is triggering concerns about the human rights of Mali's citizens, and how the international community is responding.


Todd Moss

Senior Fellow and Director of the Emerging Africa Project, Center for Global Development; author, "African Development: Making Sense of the Issue and Actors" (Lynne Rienner); former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa, State Department

Sudarsan Raghavan

Africa Bureau Chief, The Washington Post

Valentin Tapsoba

Regional Coordinator for Mali, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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