Amnesty International's Director

Amnesty International's Director

Suzanne Nossel is finishing her first year as the head of Amnesty International. She drops by the studio to talk with Kojo about human rights in tumultuous times.

Since its founding in 1961, Amnesty International USA has been a voice of conscience against torture and human rights violations around the world. But over the last decade, American activists have confronted a unique challenge: how to respond to U.S. government policies such as "targeted killings" and other aggressive anti-terrorism measures. Before executive director Suzanne Nossel came to Amnesty International, she was a top foreign policy advisor to the Obama State Department. She talks with Kojo about human rights in tumultuous times.


Suzanne Nossel

Executive Director, Amnesty International USA; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs (2009-2011)

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