America's Ally: What's Next For Ethiopia

America's Ally: What's Next For Ethiopia

We explore the political climate in Ethiopia, a strong U.S. ally.

Ethiopia is a strong U.S. ally and a regional power in east Africa. Over the last decade, it has pulled millions up from poverty through a combination of economic growth and foreign development assistance. But the country's ruling party, led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, has also brutally suppressed dissent by jailing journalists and political rivals. Now rumors that Meles is in failing health are ratcheting up tensions. We explore the situation in Ethiopia.


David Shinn

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia; Co-Editor of "The Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia"; and Adjunct Professor, Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Tamrat Negara

Editor, Addis Neger

Beyene Petros

Ethiopian opposition leader; Professor of Biology, Addis Ababa University

Mekonnen Kassa

Ethiopian-American activist; former Chair, EPRDF Support Forum

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