When Theater Meets Foreign Policy: Cultural Diplomacy

When Theater Meets Foreign Policy: Cultural Diplomacy

What can foreign policy wonks learn from theater geeks (and vice versa)? Meet a well-respected Iraqi playwright who is in Washington to explore this question.

How far can theater, art and music go to improve relations between countries? An oft-debated concept in foreign policy, cultural diplomacy is thriving at Georgetown University, where an Iraqi theater professor is exploring this question on stage in a play about Iraqi women. We get a peek behind the curtain at his Arabic adaptation of the play, premiering in Washington this week, before he heads back to Baghdad.


Cynthia Schneider

Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy, Georgetown University; Senior Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings Institution; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands

Derek Goldman

Artistic Director of the Davis Performing Arts Center, Georgetown University; Founding Director of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics.

Waleed Shamil

Professor of Theater, Baghdad University

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