Modern Day Piracy: Motivations & Tensions among Somali Pirates

Modern Day Piracy: Motivations & Tensions among Somali Pirates

It can be extraordinarily dangerous work, but the payoffs are big. And in a land where life is hard - filled with famine, poverty, and war -- is it so wrong to crave luxuries like cellphones and SUVs?

It's a 17th century crime with 21st century realities. Off the coast of Somalia, pirates roam the waters, hijack ships, loot cargo, and sometimes take hostages. Why this piracy exists, and what causes the desperation that leads folks into the violent and criminal world of modern-day pirating is the focus of a new short film by a young local filmmaking team. Join Kojo to find out what the world community needs to understand in order to deal with the problem.


Cutter Hodierne

Fillmmaker, director of "Fishing Without Nets"

Bronwyn Bruton

Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council's Michael S. Ansari Africa Center

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