Divorce Boom: Breaking Up at 50+

Guest Host:

Matt McCleskey
Divorce Boom: Breaking Up at 50+

Divorce is becoming less common overall, but among those 50+ the rate is on the rise. We explore the reasons why and find out what happens when divorce and retirement coincide.

The divorce rate for couples over the age of fifty has more than doubled in the last twenty years. But nobody is sure why. Some blame the me-first attitudes of aging baby boomers. Others point to rising life expectancy and evolving expectations. We explore changing attitudes about divorce and marriage.


Ellen Weber Libby

licensed clinical psychologist; author, "The Favorite Child" (Prometheus Books)

Susan Brown

Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, National Center for Family and Marriage Research, Bowling Green State University

Robert Lerman

director, Urban Institute Human Resources Policy Center, professor of Economics, American University

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