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Buy American

Despite the popularity of slogans like, "Buy American" and “Proudly Made in the U.S.A.,” America’s trade deficits continue to soar. We look at new—and old—ideas for addressing trade imbalances.

Despite the popularity of slogans like, "Buy American," our trade deficits continue to soar. One proposal to address the problem is more detailed country-of-origin information on products to help shift American shopping habits. Meanwhile, the United States is pursuing a “NAFTA of the Pacific” trade agreement that would lower trade barriers with several Pacific countries. We explore how these ideas might affect the economy--and prices.


Lori Wallach

Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Alan Uke

Owner, Underwater Kinetics, and author of "Buying America Back" (Select Books, April 2012)

Cal Cohen

President, Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT)

Bruce Stokes

Senior fellow for economics, German Marshall Fund of the United States; Contributing editor, National Journal

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