Kids and Screen Time

Kids and Screen Time

How does screen time affect kids? And does the answer change if you're talking about e-books, educational television, computer math games? We explore the latest on kids and technology.

Many parents find it daunting to navigate the exploding world of media for kids, with new apps, games, gadgets, and television programs coming out daily. Complicating matters are recent studies showing that screen time -- whether on a television, computer or mobile device -- affects learning and literacy, especially for the very young. But is all media equal? What about e-books, interactive games, educational television? We explore the latest on kids and technology.


Lisa Guernsey

Director of New America Foundation's Early Education Initiative, journalist, and author of Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age Five (Basic Books).

Jim Steyer

founder and CEO of Common Sense Media

Lesli Rotenberg

Senior Vice President, Children’s Media/Marketing and Communications,PBS

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