The Tech Sector and the Glass Ceiling

The Tech Sector and the Glass Ceiling

Kojo talks with women in our technology community...

Women are starting businesses, writing code and raising capital for tech start-ups across the country. But according to at least one recent study, they account for fewer than a fifth of computer science majors in the United States. And most recognizable executives and public personalities in the tech world are men. Kojo talks with local tech entrepreneurs, and explores whether a "glass ceiling" still exists for women pursuing tech careers.


Jen Consalvo

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Editor, Tech Cocktail

Stehpanie Hay

Co-Founder, FastCustomer

Shireen Mitchell

Founder, Digital Sisters; Social Media Consultant; Chair, Media and Technology Task Force, National Council of Women's Organizations

Lisa Morales-Hellebo

Founder and CEO, Shopsy

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