Tech Tuesday: E-books on Campus

Tech Tuesday: E-books on Campus

Are college students hitting the 'e-books'? We'll look at the e-textbook industry.

It's a ritual of every new college semester: professors distribute reading lists, then students flock to the campus book store and online retailers to find the best deal on new and used texts. But as e-books gain in popularity, the days of the dog-eared "used" textbooks may be numbered. We find out how technology is affecting college curricula.


Jeff Young

Senior Writer, Chronicle of Higher Education

Eric Frank

President and Co-Founder, Flat World Knowledge, Inc.

Matt MacInnis

Founder and CEO, Inkling

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Inkling's Textbooks for iPad

Inking - A textbook case of innovation. from Inkling on Vimeo.

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Jeff Young's Site Suggestions for Textbook Comparison Shopping

  1. Amazon Student
    Amazon's free iPhone app that works by letting a student take a picture of a text book's bar code and then offering pricing options for the book through its site.

  2. Verba
    For each textbook title, Verba displays the bookstore price, Amazon price, price, rental prices, and other options. Young says about 100 college bookstores across the country have offered this search service to customers, even though it means they may sometimes lose out on business.

    This site, started by two Yale University students, also searches across different retailers to offer students easy comparison-price shopping.

iPad images from Inkling

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