America & the Global Soccer Industry

America & the Global Soccer Industry

We examine how America's role in the global soccer economy continues to evolve.

It's the best of times and the worst of times for the "beautiful game." On the pitch, international soccer is in the midst of a renaissance. The United States-- once considered a soccer backwater-- is fast becoming an essential part of the world soccer economy. But the sport's governing body-- FIFA-- is embroiled in a variety of corruption scandals. We examine America's evolving role in the global soccer scene.


Daniel Bloom

Co-host, Counter Attack Radio (Sirius XM); Contributor, World Sport-CNN International

Christine Brennan

Sports Columnist, USA Today; Commentator, ABC News; also, author of "Best Seat in the House: A Father, A Daughter, A Journey Through Sports" (Scribner)

Steven Goff

Reporter, Washington Post

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