Countries Explore Reality of Shuttering Nuclear Power

Countries Explore Reality of Shuttering Nuclear Power

Germany says it will stop using nuclear power by 2022. Similar sentiments are being heard in Japan, Italy, and Austria. Can it be done? What will it take for heavily industrialized countries to expand renewable sources?

Touched off by the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a number of countries -- including industrial powerhouses Germany and Japan -- announced they will move away from nuclear power. So how will they meet their future energy needs? Right now, there are more ambitious goals for expanding renewable sources than there are details of how this can be done. We explore options countries are considering, and the impact their plans may have on the future of nuclear power.


Richard Lester

Head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phil Sharp

President, Resources for the Future

Arne Jungjohann

Director for the Environment and Global Dialogue Program, The Heinrich Böll Foundation (Washington Office)

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