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The Computer Guys & Gal

It's the first Tuesday of the month, and you know what that means...

They live, eat & breathe technology. Get the latest from the tech world, when the Computer Guys and Gal return to answer your questions. It's the first Tech Tuesday of the month!


John Gilroy

WAMU Resident Computer Guy; and Director of Business Development, Armature Corporation

Bill Harlow

WAMU Computer Guy; and Hardware & Software Technician for MACs & PCs at Mid-Atlantic Consulting, Inc.

Allison Druin

WAMU Computer Gal; Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and Associate Dean for Research, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

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Allison Druin - Personal Tech Shopper?

One of our listeners sent us the following message recently:

"My boyfriend is a software developer and his birthday is next month. I'm wondering what you guys think is the best gift for a tech guy?"

Allison says: "I love to answer emails like this!!! I'm quite the tech shopper ;)"

  1. If you've got a few dollars to burn...
    The new Nook ($139) - just out a few days ago looks like it could be an awesome gift for that Computer Guy in your life. It's not the color nook, and it doesn't have the millions of options that color has. It more directly competes with the Kindle than any other book reader I've seen. The new Nook has a 6-inch infrared eink touchscreen, which means, it uses the same e-ink technology found in other e-readers (albeit much brighter and clearer). You can scroll through books by sliding your finger across the screen or you press one of the buttons on the side of device.

  2. If he's a Xbox 360 owner - and there are now a lot of them at55 mil:
    You could buy your computer guy the ever-popular Kinect Sports -e.g., soccer, bowling, track-and-field, beach volley ball, and more). $40 from Amazon

  3. If you're a romantic without a lot of money to burn (this was my fave suggestion from V-day):
    USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner - yes, for as little as $6, you can get "Scent 2.0" Comes with a few drops of oil. All you do is put it into this little key and warm it up by plugging it into the UBS drive. No messy software-just smell ;)

Items Heard on Today's Show

  1. ComScore


  1. Twitter for 18-29 year-olds

  2. Malware in URL shorteners

  3. Most humans can only track about 150 Twitter followers


  1. Three banks are responsible for clearing nearly all transactions related to purchases from spammers

YouTube Anniversary

  1. YouTube celebrates 6th birthday with 3 billion views

WWDC Wrap-up

  1. Apple's next-generation software

  2. Microsoft demos the next generation Windows 8 operating system, offering the best of tablet and traditional computing?

  3. The latest Mac OS X Malware scare, Mac Defender

  4. Apple Fanboys and religious experience?


  1. "Follow" the leader

  2. One out of eight minutes spent online is with Facebook

Summer Tech

  1. Camping App for prints and poop

  2. Want to get away at the last minute

  3. How about documenting that amazing summer?

For the Graduating Computer Guy or Gal

  1. Oh The Places You’ll go!

  2. Throwing a Graduation Party and Need a Disco Ball?

  3. What’s graduation without pictures?

  4. And now that you’re so smart, you won’t need to a software app to inspire you with quotes.

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