Mt. Pleasant: 20 Years After The Riot

Mt. Pleasant: 20 Years After The Riot

We explore the legacy of the riot that broke out in Mt. Pleasant in 1991, which lasted for three days after police shot at Latino man.

It's a moment that defined the Washington region's Latino community for a generation. Riots consumed D.C.'s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood for three days in 1991 - unrest that erupted after a police officer shot a Salvadoran man. We look at the legacy of the riots on the city and its Hispanic community.


Pedro Aviles

Served as the Executive Director for the Latino Civil Rights Task Force

Sharon Pratt

Former Mayor, District of Columbia

Beatriz "BB" Otero

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services for the District of Columbia; Founder, CentroNia

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Mt. Pleasant Riots: Photographs from May 6, 1991

Flickr user secorlew documented scenes from the Mt. Pleasant riots with these photographs taken on May 6, 1991. Some rights reserved:

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