Do-It-Yourself Biology

Guest Host:

Bruce DePuyt
Do-It-Yourself Biology

Analyze the DNA of your breakfast strawberries or the chemical traces left on the dollars in your wallet. How DIYers are trying to make science fun again for the average individual.

Far from multimillion dollar labs at universities, an enthusiastic movement of amateur scientists is changing the field of biology. These do-it-yourself explorers are taking experiments from the lab table to their living room tables using only rudimentary equipment and innate curiosity. We look at what's happening in this nascent branch of science, and explore concerns over "biohacking."


David Rejeski

Director, Synthetic Biology Project, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Daniel Grushkin

Vice president and a founder of Genspace; Freelance Science Writer

Jason Bobe

Co-founder of; Executive Director of

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