The D.C. Area's Unique (?) Cultural Identity

The D.C. Area's Unique (?) Cultural Identity

We explore where the Washington region is developing its own unique culture, and where it may be guilty of following other cities - from our food to our art to our music.

The Washington region boasts a vibrant cultural identity. But people from other cities often like to remind Washingtonians that they were "into cupcakes" before D.C., or that singing "Sweet Caroline" at baseball games was a "Boston thing" first. We explore the pieces of Washington's cultural identity that are unique to the region, and where the area is guilty of following trends in other places.


Tim Carman

Food Writer, The Washington Post

Sommer Mathis

News Editor,

Blake Gopnik

chief art critic, The Washington Post

Lynn French

Development consultant; former adviser on homeless policy to Washington D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams

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