Anything but TILT: The Pinball Museum

Anything but TILT: The Pinball Museum

Find out where you see & play vintage games, make flippers flip, lights flash, bells ring, and bumpers sing. And learn about American History at the same time!

Watch out Smithsonian Institution! The Washington region's newest museum celebrates Pinball - that wonderful cacophonous American game of skill that's been capturing and reflecting popular culture for more than seventy years.


David Silverman

Curator, National Pinball Museum

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David Silverman, curator of the National Pinball Museum, talks about the historical significance of the game "Saratoga" and clarifies the difference between "flippers" and "bumpers."

Silverman talks about the artwork of Charles Leroy Parker and the significance of one game - "Cheerleader" - to the history of pinball:

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