How Day Care Affects Children

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Jim Asendio
How Day Care Affects Children

How much of an imprint does day care leave on your child's personality and temperament? We'll explore a new study that seeks to answer that question.

By the time your children are teenagers, it can be hard to remember the days when they were in day care. But those early experiences may still be affecting them, according to a new study exploring the long-term impact of child care. We'll go inside the results and consider what they mean for parents trying to find high-quality care for their kids.


Deborah Lowe Vandell

Professor and Chair, Department of Education, University of California Irvine

Sharon Landesman Ramey

Director of the Center on Health and Education, Georgetown University; co-author of the forthcoming book, "Children’s Right to Thrive: The Foundational Years"

Beatriz "BB" Otero

Founder and Executive Director, CentroNia; First Vice Chair, Pre-K for All DC

Anne-Marie Twohie

Director of the Fairfax County Office for Children

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