A Facebook Backlash?

A Facebook Backlash?

Tech Tuesday explores why Facebook's new privacy settings are igniting global pushback.

Facebook boasts more than 400 million users -- a group that includes Americans of all ages. But a handful of controversial changes to the network's privacy settings -- unveiled with little fanfare or explanation -- have alarmed users and prompted a backlash on the Internet. We examine why small changes to the most visited Web-site in the country are triggering global pushback.


Ryan Singel

Staff Writer, Wired

Rob Pegoraro

Personal Technology columnist, The Washington Post

Tim Sparapani

Public Policy Director, Facebook

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Sparapani on Privacy Changes

Facebook Public Policy Director Tim Sparapani defends the company's privacy changes against a recent onslaught of criticism, citing Facebook's extremely rapid growth as a challenge. "Some of the privacy settings we put in place over a period of years do not actually provide real privacy when you grow that quickly," Sparapani said, which is one of the reasons for the recent adjustments to those settings:

Last week, "This Week in Technology" host Leo Laporte walked his audience through the steps necessary to permanently delete a Facebook account by getting rid of his own:

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