A Local View of the Recycling Heap

A Local View of the Recycling Heap

What works, what's broken, and how to improve recycling rates in every neighborhood.

Localities across the country boast robust recycling programs among their environmental initiatives. But measuring the effectiveness of those recycling programs is a tricky science. We explore who's been taking care of their trash most efficiently, what's working and what's broken -- and what local leaders can learn from those leading the pack.


Eileen Kao

Chief, Waste Reduction and Recycling Section, Division of Solid Waste Services, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

Christine McDonald

Freelance journalist for the Washington City Paper and author of Green, Inc., An Environmental Insider Reveals How a Good Cause Has Gone Bad, (The Lyons Press, 2008).

Bill Easley

Recycling Officer, Department of Public Works for the District of Columbia

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