With tens of thousands of followers, some popular Instagram users are hired by companies to promote local products and experiences. While some view these social media celebrities as democratic tastemakers, others are puzzled and even concerned about the line between online content and advertising. How have social media platforms changed the local marketing industry? And what is it like to be Instagram-famous in the D.C. region?


  • Abbey Brandon Fashion Influencer; @AbbeyBrandon
  • Danny Kim Social Media Influencer
  • Wendy Zajack Faculty Director, Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies’ Integrated Marketing Communications Program; @wendyzajack

D.C. Instagrammers On How They Got Started

What Is It Like To Be Instagram-Famous In The Washington Region? - The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Most of us use Instagram for purely social reasons. It's fun to see what your college friend had for brunch last Sunday and what your cousin is doing on her trip to Germany. But for some people, posting on Instagram is more than a hobby -it's a job.

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