It would surprise almost no one that it is expensive to live in the District, but thanks to results of a study by the The Office of the Budget Director, we learn just how expensive it is: a single person with no kids living in the city would need to make $17.78 an hour to meet their basic needs (someone with one kid would have to earn $31.79 an hour). Yet, the much-lauded effort to increase D.C.’s minimum wage will only see the floor raised to $15 an hour in 2020. Similar issues abound in the city’s suburbs, too, where the gulf between the minimum wage and the cost of living remains wide in most jurisdictions. Could a universal basic income be the long-term solution?


  • Yesim Sayin Taylor Executive Director, D.C. Policy Center @yesimsy
  • Jennifer Budoff Budget Director for the Council of the District of Columbia
  • David Grosso Member, D.C. Council (I-At Large); @cmdgrosso

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