A medical marijuana dispensary in Venice Beach, Calif.

A medical marijuana dispensary in Venice Beach, Calif.

Changes to marijuana laws in Maryland and D.C. have given rise to many new cannabis-focused businesses, but entrepreneurs in the industry must contend with challenges that others do not. Besides the risk of doing business in an industry that is illegal on the federal level, entrepreneurs face a lack of options when it comes to banking. Most banks refuse to do business within the cannabis industry, and those that do often charge significantly higher fees. Entrepreneurs are also often unable to secure traditional loans and investment. Kojo explores the unique way local cannabis businesses do their banking, and why it matters for the industry at large.


  • John Kagia Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics, New Frontier Data; @jkagia
  • Bill Askinazi Owner, Potomac Holistics; @Potomacholistic
  • Jeffrey Kahn Owner, Takoma Wellness Center; @TakomaWellness

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