Could Adams Morgan's 18th Street always be this clear?

Could Adams Morgan's 18th Street always be this clear?

An Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Adams Morgan recently raised the idea of cutting off the busy 18th Street to vehicular traffic. The pedestrian-only blocks, if they become a reality, wouldn’t be the first in the region. Several pedestrian zones exist locally, including the stretch of street in front of The White House and Ellsworth Drive in downtown Silver Spring, Md. In Arlington, Va., the County Council recently voted to move forward with creating car-free blocks in the Rosslyn neighborhood. The zones can enhance a neighborhood’s walkability and boost the local economy, but it also can present traffic challenges and hinder emergency response times. We explore the Adams Morgan proposal and the impact of pedestrian zones in the region.


  • Amir Irani ANC 1C Commissioner; @iraniamir
  • Katie Cristol, Co-chair, Arlington County Board; @kcristol
  • Tracy Hadden Loh Senior Data Scientist, The Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis, George Washington University; @busysparrow

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