Actress Nikkole Salter as Lady Macbeth.

Actress Nikkole Salter as Lady Macbeth.

The reimagining of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” at D.C.’s Shakespeare Theatre Company is anything but traditional. In this version, directed by Liesl Tommy, the tragedy is not based in Scotland, but in a North African country caught in the throes of a civil war. The Witches that famously dazzle army general Macbeth with their visions of him as king are not supernatural beings, but CIA-like operatives representing Western influence in a politically-unstable, oil-rich region. Kojo speaks with the actress playing Lady Macbeth and her former instructor about the play’s political themes and Howard University’s approach to training theater professionals.


  • Nikkole Salter Actress, "Macbeth"; @NikkoleSalter
  • Vera Katz Professor Emerita, Department of Theatre Arts, Howard University

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