Home cannabis plants growing in Northeast D.C.

Home cannabis plants growing in Northeast D.C.

It’s been more than a year since Initiative 71 passed in Washington, D.C., making the city the first on the East Coast to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and its growth in private residences. In that time, a number of entrepreneurial locals, dubbed ‘cannapreneurs’, have opened up pot-focused businesses in the District, despite the legal murkiness of local rules. Those businesses range from companies selling cultivation equipment to the locally famous ‘Kush Gods,’ who gifted marijuana laced goodies in exchange for cash donations– until police intervened. Kojo looks at the risks and rewards of making weed your business in D.C.


  • Jacob Asbell Owner, Hydro-City
  • Laila Makled Chair, Women Grow DC
  • Matthew von Fricken Attorney; Co-Owner, Capitol Hemp; Founding Partner, The Noon Store

Meet One Of D.C.'s Home Pot Growers

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