The Welders, a D.C. playwrights collective.

The Welders, a D.C. playwrights collective.

Struggling playwrights know that bringing a work from the written page to the stage can be a tour-de-force. Many promising dramas never see the light of day because of challenges ranging from theater politics to financing and production costs. But a growing movement in D.C. aims to bring locally written and produced plays to the stage using a non-traditional “collective theater” model. In our region, three plays by a collective called “The Welders” are already reaping dividends for audiences and dramaturges alike. Kojo learns what this model is all about from a founder of D.C.’s collective theater movement, and he finds out how it’s changing regional theater making.


  • Caleen Sinnette Jennings Playwright and Professor of Theater, American University; Member, The Welders
  • Jojo Ruf Executive and Creative Director, The Welders; Managing Director, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University; Coordinating Producer, Women's Voices Theater Festival

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