Wednesday, Jan 16 12:25 p.m. (ET)

Economic Reckoning For Local Washington?

A new era of federal belt-tightening could have a profound impact of the economies of Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District. We ask whether local economies are facing a reckoning.

Wednesday, Jan 16 1 p.m. (ET)

Restricting Research On Gun Violence

Obama is set to unveil proposals from his task force on reducing gun violence today. Among the recommendations is lifting restrictions on federally funded research of gun violence.

Wednesday, Jan 16 1:20 p.m. (ET)

Food Technology And How It Shaped The Western Palate

Kojo and a food historian look back at how food processors have influenced both our palates and our preference for what we eat, and find out how the industry is changing to meet modern taste and dietary demands.

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