Monday, Dec 15 12 p.m. (ET)

The Real Election Day

For most of us, the presidential election was over more than a month ago. But the books don't officially close on election 2008 until later today, when each state's members of the Electoral College meet to formally cast their votes. Join...

Monday, Dec 15 12:23 p.m. (ET)

The Nation’s Zookeeper

While life's changing fast on Capitol Hill and the White House, it's also changing at the National Zoo. Big projects are planned -- from a elephant house overhaul to a high-tech tram transporting visitors through the tree-tops. Kojo's...

Monday, Dec 15 1 p.m. (ET)

End-of-Year Finances

With uncertainty in the job market and retirement accounts in tatters, today's economic environment presents unusual challenges for all of us. Kojo explores end-of-year finances, from tax strategies to charitable giving, and gets tips for...

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