June 13, 2016

D.C. Asks “Does My Vote Matter?”

By Sophie Jeong

D.C.’s Democratic primary is upon us, but many voters are wondering the same question, “Does my vote matter?”

Hillary Clinton was named the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee last week. This year will mark the ninth time in eleven presidential contests where D.C. Democrats will cast ballots after the presumptive Democratic nominee has been announced.

Besides being the last jurisdiction to vote in this year’s primaries, D.C. still has no voting representation in Congress. Voters will only be able to vote for a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives.

Despite all this, over 15,000 Democrats voted early last week. Along with fellow intern Patty Gorena, I spoke with five of them at the Judiciary Square polling place. Here’s what they told us.

Christopher Barr

At the national level, because of the timing, it [voting] seems anticlimactic.”

Folashade Anderson

“I think D.C. primary should be held earlier so that our voice has some impact on the election cycle.”

Hollister Reneau

“It doesn’t really matter if I vote.”

Kevin Schultz

“I feel like my vote matters less than it did when I lived in Ohio.”

Rohan Prashad

D.C.’s population is so liberal that it would be important to counter-balance to early Southern primaries in the democratic primaries.”

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