June 8, 2016

This D.C. Personal Stylist Helps Washingtonians Hit Their Fashion Reset Button

By Tayla Burney

Rosana Vollmerhausen with a DC Style Factory client.

Rosana Vollmerhausen with a DC Style Factory client.

Walking through downtown Washington is like swimming through a sea of black, grey and navy. Those daring enough to mix in a hint of color or pattern are considered risk-takers, even when their stylistic choices are relatively tame.

As Washingtonians grow tired of the professional uniform, many turn to personal stylist Rosana Vollmerhausen of DC Style Factory, who offers a variety of wardrobe consultation services.

After running a boutique in the region, Vollmerhausen started DC Style Factory seven years ago and has since seen demand for services increase tremendously.

“Over the past decade, personal styling isn’t just for the very wealthy or Hollywood,” says Vollmerhausen. “With shows like ‘What Not To Wear,’ the interest in wanting to look and feel good has driven the growth of my business.”

“Everyone wants a piece of it, everyone wants that feeling.”