June 7, 2016

PHOTOS: D.C.-Area Fashion Blogs To Obsess Over

By Ruth Tam

“Ugh, what should I wear?”

Whether you’re heading into work or confounded before a summer wedding, fashion blogs provide endless inspiration for personal style. It’s window shopping for the modern age, but doesn’t require walking around in muggy weather. This week, The Kojo Nnamdi Show will explore what’s with D.C.’s fashion scene. Here are some of the team’s favorite local fashionistas.

Fashion Blogs

Beate’ J’Adore
Where does Nikki Brooks-Revis get her fabulous clothes? From her actual HOME in D.C., that’s where! Every single form-fitting dress, pant, skirt on Brooks-Revis’ blog is of her own creation. Six years ago, Brook-Revis’ husband bought her a sewing machine, but she never designed more than a couple throw pillow covers. In 2012, she sewed a maxi skirt “on a whim” and when it came out “decent,” Brooks-Revis thought there might be able to carve herself something out of the DIY movement. Now, Brooks-Revis works on her blog full-time and is coming out with her own pattern line through McCall Pattern Company in July. Check out Brooks-Revis’ instructions for this amazing black lace dress.

Style Within Reach


When Caitlin Kruse first started blogging, she was a single woman living in New York City. Now, she’s a new mother in Annapolis, Md., and everything from her style to her day-to-day life has changed. Where Kruse once posted trendy outfits, her favorite posts are now about breast feeding –which, let’s face it, is an activity that doesn’t always inspire the most fashion-forward sartorial choices. Despite her new lifestyle, Kruse is intent on inspiring others to fit their clothing choices to their lives. “Even when you have five minutes to get dressed, you can still put something together that will make you feel good,” Kruse insists. “It’s really about curating a wardrobe that works for you where you are in live –whether you’re single in New York City or a mom in the suburbs.” See Kruse’s viral post “3 Ways To Dress Up Jeans & A Tee” for inspiration.


Monling Lee | @monlinglee
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Mel Burgos | @rock_yo_rizos
A lifestyle Insta for natural hair and clean living.

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Ashley Turchin | @ashleyturchin
Stylishly curated images of clean lines and neutral colors.

Diego | @diegodowntown
Endless scrolls of bright menswear and delightful pops of color.

Photo Illustrations by Ruth Tam. Photography by Ron Revis, Krista A. Jones and Ana Reynal.