D.C. Tour Guide Licensing Changes

D.C. Tour Guide Licensing Changes

A recent U.S. Court of Appeals ruling may do away with the 108-year-old requirement that "sightseeing tour guide"s in the District be licensed. Some professional and part-time guides are sorry to see the requirement go, while others say good riddance - we hear from both sides.

D.C. tour guides will no longer need a license to tell you the architect who designed the White House was James Hoban and the Washington Monument weighs an estimated 100,000 tons. An appeals court panel ruled last week that a century-old law requiring aspiring tour guides to pass a 100-question test and pay a $200 licensing fee was too broad. Some professional guides are sorry to see the requirement go, pending appeal, while others say good riddance. We hear from both sides.


Garrett Peck

Author, "Capital Beer: A Heady History of Brewing in Washington, D.C."; licensed D.C. tour guide

Jeanne Fogel

D.C.-licensed, Certified Master Tour Guide; president, A Tour de Force; adjunct professor, Northern Virginia Community College; author, three books on Washington, D.C.’s social and architectural history

Raynell Cooper

licensed D.C. tour guide, City Segway Tours; rising senior, George Washington University; champion, Teen Jeopardy

Robert McNamara

Staff Attorney, Institute for Justice

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