Top-Down or Bottom-Up? Fixing a VA in Crisis

Top-Down or Bottom-Up? Fixing a VA in Crisis

Kojo explores the fallout from the Veteran Affairs recordkeeping scandal, and finds out what fixes are realistic for this massive government bureaucracy.

A month after allegations of recordkeeping fraud at a Phoenix VA hospital made national headlines, larger questions over system-wide mismanagement remain. Under pressure from lawmakers and veteran advocacy groups, the incoming head of the Department of Veteran Affairs will face crucial questions about how to streamline and safeguard the largest government agency. But it's a tall order for a bureaucracy unaccustomed to change. Kojo explores the fallout and fixes under consideration for the VA.


Donald Kettl

Dean, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Ed O'Keefe

Congressional Reporter, The Washington Post

Alex Horton

Freelance Writer; U.S. Army veteran

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