African Immigrants, Local Politics

African Immigrants, Local Politics

This weekend, Maryland gubernatorial candidates will address African immigrant voters in Silver Spring. We explore how new Americans are mobilizing at a local level.

The Washington metropolitan area is home to the largest number of African immigrants in the United States. But these communities-- dispersed across Maryland, Virginia and D.C.--- have not traditionally wielded very much political power at the local level. This weekend, four Maryland gubernatorial candidates addressed African immigrant voters at a special forum in Silver Spring. We explore how African diasporas are mobilizing to engage local political institutions.


Bishop Darlingston Johnson

Senior Pastor, Bethel World Outreach Church (Silver Spring, MD); Co-founder, African Immigrant Caucus (AIC)

Semhar Araia

Executive Director, Diaspora African Women's Network

Ngozi Azubike

Co-founder, African Immigrant Caucus (AIC)

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