MinuteClinic and Retail-Based Health Care

MinuteClinic and Retail-Based Health Care

We explore how the spread of retail-based clinics is giving patients the convenience and pricing transparency they crave while adding new options to the health care menu.

They won't take out your appendix, but if you have sore throat or need a vaccine, retail-based clinics are an increasingly popular option on the health care scene. With a nation-wide shortage of primary care physicians, CVS's MinuteClinic and others like it are stepping in to offer the convenience and pricing transparency patients crave. We examine the appeal and the limits of retail-based health care and explore some doctors' concerns about quality and continuity of care.


Ernest Carter

Physician; Deputy Health Officer, Prince George's County

Nancy Gagliano

Physician; Chief Medical Officer, MinuteClinic

Ateev Mehrotra

Physician; Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; Researcher, RAND Corp.

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